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Media Misses the Mark on Latest SAT Numbers

This week, new SAT rankings were released, placing Wisconsin at the top in the nation. This “news” was used by public school advocates as evidence that Wisconsin’s public schools are still doing a great job, despite the efforts of evil conservatives to undermine them. But is this truly the case? 

WILL Unveils New Teacher Resources to Break the Status Quo in Education

Partnering with Educator Daniel Buck, WILL seeks to Restore American Education Nationwide

Disclosure: New Efforts by UW System to Rebrand DEI Initiatives

WILL is calling on UW System to follow laws and U.S. Constitution, and to provide additional documents related to their programs.

WILL’s Litigation Continues to Grow with New Paralegal, Stephanie Cerniglia

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) hired a Paralegal, Stephanie Cerniglia, to aid the growing litigation team.

WILL Stands Ready to Defend Wisconsin’s School Choice Programs

WILL stands ready to defend Wisconsin’s Choice Program in court, representing parents, students, teachers, and choice schools across Wisconsin.

Democracy Alert | WILL Files Motion to Intervene in Redistricting Case

Overturning the current maps would be unprecedented, and would deny voters their rightful representation. WILL’s intervention will allow WI voters to defend their interests.

The Results Are In… Wisconsin Schools Are Failing Kids!

DPI released Forward Exam results for the 2022-23 school year--there is important information that can be garnered from this data.

Town of Hayward Will Comply with Law Following WILL Lawsuit

WILL’s Lawsuit Allowed For Citizens to Interact With Their Government and Weigh in On Public Works Project