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What The Milwaukee Referendum Could Cost You…

Recently, Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) proposed a $252 million annual referendum that will raise taxes on those in the city in perpetuity. The question ...

WILL Reacts to State Legislative Votes on Constitutional Amendments

WILL strongly supports the “No Taxation Without Representation” and the Equality Amendments!

WILL, MSLF Secure First Amendment Win for Conservative Student Group

UW-Madison Amends Agreement to Remove Unprecedented Security Costs, Allowing YAF Event to Move Forward

WILL Warns UW-Madison Over First Amendment Violation  

WILL & Mountain States Legal Foundation (MSLF) are demanding that the University of Wisconsin-Madison treat all student organizations fairly and not punish a conservative organization for its viewpoints.  

DEI’s Days are Numbered, WILL Secures Massive Legal Victory Against Discriminatory Federal Agency

On behalf of small businesses from Wisconsin, Texas, and Florida, WILL sued President Biden’s new “Minority Business Development Agency” and Won

WILL Statement on SCOTUS Overturning Colorado Trump Ballot Decision

We released a statement concerning the United States Supreme Court's rejection of Colorado's effort to deny Republican Candidate Donald Trump access to the ballot.

WILL responds to SCOWIS declining legal motion asking to redraw Congressional Maps

We responded to a ruling from the Wisconsin Supreme Court, declining a request to redraw the Wisconsin Congressional maps adopted in Johnson v. WEC.

UW Continues Unlawful Discrimination, Despite Harvard Ruling

WILL demands that the University ends race discrimination once and for all.