Requesting Legal Assistance

Thank you for contacting the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (“WILL”), a non-profit, public interest law and policy center devoted to advancing the rule of law, individual liberty, constitutional government, education reform and a robust civil society. This page explains how to request legal assistance from the attorneys at WILL. If you wish only to make a general comment or have non-legal questions, please email our general account, If your request goes to our general account and is actually a request for legal advice then you will be asked to fill out the form below. Sending the request first to our general account will slow down the time in which we can respond to you.

In part because WILL provides legal services at low or no cost to the client, we receive a high volume of requests for legal representation. Although every inquiry we receive is reviewed by our legal team, we are unable to respond to all of them. If we have not responded to your submission within 10 business days that means we have determined we are unable to assist you.

Below is the form used for submitting a request for legal assistance to WILL. Please read the instructions carefully and provide all requested information to ensure your submission is reviewed.

Use of this form does not establish an attorney-client relationship between you and WILL. Please be aware that you should not send confidential or sensitive information via this form because such information is not protected by the attorney-client privilege.

Requesting Legal Assistance

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