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RedState | Milwaukee Loses Millions As Government Buildings Sit Empty

RedState goes into detail and uses WILL's reports on empty school buildings to explain how the taxpayers are losing when Milwaukee and MPS stall and hoarde

WILL Press Release | WILL Responds to Marquette’s Release of Faculty Report re: Professor McAdams

The Faculty Hearing Committee was biased from beginning; does not exonerate university, Lovell mishandling of issue May 4, 2016 – Milwaukee, WI – Monday, ...

WILL Blog | Flanders: Where have all the teachers gone?

A little knowledge can be a useful thing as long as its limitations are kept in mind. A case in point is a recent report by Public Policy Forum shows that ...

WashingtonPost | A university moved to fire a professor after he defended a student’s right to debate gay marriage. Now he’s suing.

From the WashingtonPost: A tenured professor and a legal institute are suing Marquette University, claiming a breach of contract for the suspension imposed

WILL Press Release | Professor John McAdams Sues Marquette University

Suspended tenured professor will not apologize; alleges free speech, academic freedom violated by Marquette University May 2, 2016 - Milwaukee, WI - Today,


The Marquette Tribune published an article sharing the detailed interactions between the student involved in the McAdams case and Marquette Administrators.

National Review | Hudson: Why Good Manners Matter

Writing in National Review, Lexi Hudson explores how developed social skills translates to increased socioeconomic opportunities: "“Good manners will open ...

Help us defend Marquette Professor John McAdams!

Will you join us in defending Marquette Professor John McAdams and free speech on America’s campuses? Last year, an undergraduate student came to ...