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WILL Partners with The Buckeye Institute in Defense of School Choice

WILL and The Buckeye Institute joint filed an amicus brief, calling on the South Carolina Supreme Court to allow the implementation of the state’s Education Scholarship Trust Fund program.

WILL Reacts to Open Enrollment Data

New open enrollment data for the state shows that Wisconsin's largest school choice program continues to flourish. The open enrollment program still has room to improve by allowing more money to follow the kid and making the reasons for denials more explicit.

WILL Seeks to Block Legal Maneuver to Redraw Wisconsin’s Congressional Maps, Calls on Justice Protasiewicz to Recuse Herself

WILL has responded to a new effort to overturn Wisconsin’s congressional maps, six months before an election.

WILL Files Legal Motion to Defend Act 10 on behalf of Public-School Employee

WILL was founded in 2011, partially in response to the same legal challenges against lawful acts of Governor Walker and the Wisconsin Legislature.

January Healthcare Highlight: Dental Therapy Comes to Wisconsin

Addressing dental care access disparities in Wisconsin requires innovative solutions, and dental therapy is one of them.

Evers’ State of the State: The Good, The Bad, and One Ugly Tax Code

WILL agrees on the importance of improving Wisconsin’s workforce and economy, but some of the governor’s policy solutions fall short.

The Left’s Biggest Redistricting Crutch Examined

The so-called Efficiency Gap is often used to attack legislative maps, but relying on this statistical measure has major limitations according to WILL’s new report.

NEW Status Report on Education in the Badger State

WILL’s sixth edition of Apples to Apples report shows not just WI choice schools’ increased proficiency rates, but their efficient use of taxpayer dollars.