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The Left’s Biggest Redistricting Crutch Examined

The so-called Efficiency Gap is often used to attack legislative maps, but relying on this statistical measure has major limitations according to WILL’s new report.

NEW Status Report on Education in the Badger State

WILL’s sixth edition of Apples to Apples report shows not just WI choice schools’ increased proficiency rates, but their efficient use of taxpayer dollars.

UW Law Students Required to Attend “Re-Orientation” Presentation and Participate in Radical DEI Workshop

WILL is demanding that the University remove the harmful subject matter from this “re-orientation” meeting in its entirety.

Addressing the Teacher Shortage: A Pathway to Innovation in Education

By considering and implementing Grow Your Own Teacher Apprenticeship Programs, the state can address challenges, creating a diverse pool of well-prepared educators and fostering a sustainable solution for the future.

WILL Opposes Barriers for Entrepreneurs to Cottage Food Industry

AB 897 would introduce additional barriers for entrepreneurs—a $20,000 gross sales cap on all cottage foods, positioning Wisconsin as one of the most restrictive states for cottage food producers.

WILL Wins Election Integrity Lawsuit

Judge strikes down Racine’s use of absentee voting sites which conferred partisan advantages to one party and use of election van for in-person absentee voting.


WILL's lawsuit against the State Bar of Wisconsin for promoting discriminatory DEI practices including its “Diversity Clerkship Program,” which offers premier internship opportunities based primarily on race.

Will Releases Statement on Redistricting Ruling

The News: The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) has released a statement condemning a new ruling from the Supreme Court of Wisconsin in ...