Leading areas of policy

Health Care

WILL advocates for a patient-centered approach to health care that preserves competition, spurs innovation, and ensures broad access to quality and affordable health care.

K-12 Education

WILL advocates for an education system that is student-centered and prioritizes the freedom of families to choose the best education for their children.

Regulatory Reform

WILL advocates for oversight and accountability for the administrative state.

Free Markets

WILL advocates for a free market system that fosters competition, spurs innovation, and creates prosperity.


WILL advocates for a society where all citizens have access to the important ladders of opportunity.

Latest News and Policy Updates

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Cutting through the noise about where Wisconsin education stacks up How does Wisconsin stack up against other states in K-12 education? An eye-popping ...

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School district is charging students with sexual harassment for “mispronouning” The News: Attorneys with the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty ...

The Citizen’s Guide to the Wisconsin Administrative State

The separation of powers is fundamental to American government. We all learn that the U.S Constitution divides power in our system: the legislative branch ...

Governor Evers: It’s Time to Recognize Parental Rights in Education

UPDATE: Governor Evers vetoed the Parent Bill of Rights on April 15, 2022. Governor Evers' veto message claimed the bill was aimed at "dividing our ...

You Heard the Claims. Here Are the Facts About School Choice In Wisconsin

The most recent legislative session featured promising new education reforms. But the debate over legislation to expand parental choice to all Wisconsin ...

What To Know About Equity and Education

The word “equity” is certainly the new buzzword in public schools. The U.S. Department of Education has prioritized “equity” and even holds an “equity ...