WILL Sues State Board for Race Discrimination

The eligibility categories in the Minority Undergraduate Retention Program amount to discrimination based on race, national origin, and alienage, a practice clearly forbidden by the Wisconsin Constitution.

Rick Esenberg on Fox News: The Rule of Law is Critical During Emergencies

Rick Esenberg joined Fox & Friends to discuss recent Wisconsin Supreme Court decisions on emergency powers and their limits.

The Equality Act is a Threat to Religious Liberty

A vote in favor of the Equality Act is a vote to overturn the bipartisan Religious Freedom Restoration Act and what it represents.

Rick Esenberg in National Review: 'Equity' a Bad Fit for Our Legal System

“This recent shift is more accurately described as a call for discrimination.”

Work at WILL: Hiring Senior Research Analyst

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The Equality Act is a Threat to Religious Liberty

Anthony LoCoco, Deputy Counsel The United States Senate is considering whether to pass the Equality Act, a bill designed to prevent perceived discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity in a wide range of settings such as public...

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WILL Sues State Board for Race Discrimination

Higher Educational Aids Board offers scholarships with narrow racial categories The News: The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) filed a lawsuit in Jefferson County Circuit Court against the Higher Educational Aids Board, a state agency responsible for...

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