WILL Opposes Barriers for Entrepreneurs to Cottage Food Industry

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty submitted testimony today opposing Assembly Bill 897 as written.

AB 897 would introduce additional barriers for entrepreneurs—a $20,000 gross sales cap on all cottage foods, positioning Wisconsin as one of the most restrictive states for cottage food producers.

Currently, 29 states do not impose sales caps on cottage food, including many of our neighbors in the upper Midwest. Considering escalating food costs, a $20,000 cap would significantly curtail any worthwhile profits for these small business owners.

To position Wisconsin as a state open for business, it is imperative that we refrain from imposing undue challenges on small entrepreneurs striving to sustain their livelihoods. WILL’s mission is a commitment to free markets that allow for private enterprise, entrepreneurship and voluntary exchange within the rule of law.

Read our testimony here to learn more.

Kyle Koenen

Kyle Koenen

Director of Policy

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