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WILL Press Release | Five Government Transparency Groups File Amicus Brief in Electronic Records Case

Argue that record custodians must provide electronic copies of electronic records when requested July 10, 2018 – Milwaukee, WI – On Monday, a coalition of ...

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel | Groups ask judges to tell Wisconsin lawmaker to provide electronic copies of public records

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports on our efforts urging the court to force state lawmakers to turn over electronic records when electronic records are

National Catholic Register | Court Rules Marquette University Violated Conservative Professor’s Academic Freedom

National Catholic Register reports on Professor John McAdams win against Marquette University in his nationally-watched academic freedom case: Wisconsin’s ...

WILL Press Release | WILL Applauds President Trump For Supreme Court Selection

Kavanaugh is a highly qualified nominee with a record of being a committed textualist   July 10, 2018 - Milwaukee, WI - Last night President Donald ...

WILL Press Release | Academic Freedom Wins At State Supreme Court

Our client, Dr. John McAdams, gets to teach at Marquette again July 6, 2018 – Milwaukee, WI -- Today the Supreme Court of Wisconsin delivered a clear, ...

Wall Street Journal | Wisconsin High Court Backs Marquette Professor in Academic Free-Speech Case

The Wall Street Journal covers Professor John McAdams' Wisconsin Supreme Court win in his academic freedom case against Marquette University. The Wisconsin

WILL President Rick Esenberg on Wisconsin Supreme Court’s Decision in McAdams v. Marquette

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has struck a major blow in favor of free speech “The Wisconsin Supreme Court has struck a major blow in favor of free speech. ...

WILL Blog | Flanders: A Response to Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post

Today, Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post released an “analysis” that purports to show the harm that Governor Scott Walker has caused to public schools