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WILL and Parent Sue to Obtain Document Withheld by School District

Statement Read Aloud to Students in Several Classrooms Concealed from Parents by Eau Claire Area School District

WILL urges U.S. Senators and Representatives of WI to back the FAIR Act

WILL sent a letter to the U.S. Senators and Representatives of Wisconsin, asking them to support and vote for the FAIR Act.

WILL Sues Over Race Discrimination in Texas

Empowered by Recent SCOTUS Ruling, WILL Continues its Project Challenging Race-based Discrimination Everywhere

DigitalDesk, Inc. v. Bexar County

In pursuit of “Equality Under the Law” and a true colorblind society for all Americans, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) filed a lawsuit against a San Antonio-based government program called the “Bexar County Small Business Assistance Program.” WILL alleges that the $10 million program discriminates against small business owners based on race. The lawsuit names Bexar County, the home of San Antonio, and Liftfund Inc., a non-profit charged by the county to administer the program.

Reforming the Governor’s Partial Veto: How Should It Be Done?

To preserve the separation of powers and eliminate any ambiguity in the law, the legislature should strongly consider adopting a constitutional amendment.

WILL Launches “Equality for All Agenda” Following Supreme Court Decision Eliminating Affirmative Action

New Legislative Roadmap Lays the Groundwork for “Colorblind” Policies in Wisconsin and Across America

Equality For All

A Survey of Racially Discriminatory Laws, Programs, and Policies in Wisconsin   Executive Summary The United States Supreme Court recently ...

Analysis: Evers 400 Year Veto

While the Governor’s decision to veto a tax cut for millions of Wisconsinites yesterday has garnered the most attention, slightly under the radar has been ...