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WILL Sues Wisconsin Department of Revenue on behalf of Wisconsin Small Businesses

WILL has filed a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) on behalf of two Wisconsin Wedding Barns. The lawsuit is seeking to mitigate the harmful impacts of Wisconsin Act 73, which became law in late 2023 and fully takes effect in 2026.

WILL Presents: A Conversation with Corey DeAngelis

Join WILL for an engaging discussion and book signing event with Dr. Corey DeAngelis, author of the upcoming book 'The Parent Revolution: Rescuing Your Kids From Radicals Ruining Our Schools,' scheduled for release this month.

Policy Report: WILL Examines How Declining Social Capital is the Root Cause to Many Societal Problems

WILL released a new report assessing the impact declining levels of social capital (the collection of interpersonal relationships that unite a heterogeneous society) has on Wisconsin communities.

WILL Opposes Federal Cuts to CSP

WILL opposes federal cuts to the Charter Schools Program (CSP) and is asking our federal congressional delegation to oppose Biden's effort to defund choice and freedom in education.

WILL Files Federal Discrimination Complaint Against University in the Wake of Nationwide Pro-Hamas Protests

WILL has filed a federal Title VI complaint against Northwestern University on behalf of the Young America’s Foundation, which has an active chapter on the University’s campus. The complaint documents the University’s plan to offer nearly $1.9 million in scholarship funds, faculty positions, and student-organization space to Palestinian students and staff.

Biden Administration Ordered to Pay WILL’s Attorney Fees Following MBDA Win

Rare win highlights the significant costs required to challenge unconstitutional government programs  The News: The Wisconsin Institute for Law & ...

WILL Opposes New Effort from Planned Parenthood to Make Abortion a “Constitutional Right” in Wisconsin

4.25.24 The News: The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) has filed a response to a case brought by Planned Parenthood seeking ...

Planned Parenthood v. Urmanski

WILL has filed a response to a case brought by Planned Parenthood seeking an original action ruling from the Supreme Court of Wisconsin (SCoW) that would create a constitutional right to an abortion in Wisconsin.