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WILL Secures Greater Transparency and Accountability for Wrightstown Community

WILL’s Efforts Cause School District to Comply with the Law

WILL Responds to New State Data Regarding School Performance

Poor-performing Wisconsin schools face massive tidal wave if forced to take on new students from Wisconsin’s Choice Program, because of even larger class sizes and teacher shortage.

WILL Files Motion to Intervene on Behalf of WI Schools and Families to Protect Education Options for All

WILL seeks to protect options for private and charter school families who benefit from Wisconsin’s popular and successful choice program.

WILL Secures Major 2nd Amendment Victory for Millions of Firearm Owners Nationwide

This is the first injunction that applies to all Americans, not just the plaintiffs in pending cases!

WILL Testified in Support of Parental Rights Legislation

WILL testified at an Assembly Committee on Family Law hearing in support of AB 510, otherwise known as the Parental Rights Bill.

WI Patients Stand to Benefit Most from Healthcare Price Transparency

Healthcare costs have continued to rise and become a top concern, putting a strain on individuals and families. This analysis reaffirms the positive impact that greater price transparency can have on the lives of all Americans, and Wisconsinites especially.

Putting Trust and Integrity Back in Wisconsin Elections

Newly Proposed Monday Count Bill Is A Step In Right Direction

Clarke v. WEC

Overturning the current maps would be unprecedented, and would deny voters their rightful representation. WILL’s intervention will allow WI voters to defend their interests.