Our Team

WILL’s teams work together to advance our critical mission. Each one is more effective due to the support from the others. This freedom fighting team is passionate about the work they do.

Rick Esenberg

President and General Counsel

Rick Esenberg is the founder and current President and General Counsel of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, a rapidly expanding law and policy organization headquartered in Milwaukee. Under Rick’s leadership, WILL has grown into one of the more active state-based think tanks and litigation centers in the country. Rick is a frequent litigator in state and federal courts and nationally recognized scholar and commentator on constitutional law, particularly the First Amendment’s guarantees of freedom of speech and religion.

He is one of the leading experts on the Wisconsin Constitution and a frequent advocate before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Rick’s work seeks to advance the rule of law and individual liberty, formed by a robust civil society that forms individual and community character, preserving the wisdom of the past and an openness to the future.

The Litigation Team 

WILL was launched to litigate: we take the fight for freedom to the courts, and to retake ground that had long been ceded to activists who used the courts to erode the freedom and prosperity of all Americans. We defend small business owners, teachers, parents, and others from a wide variety of backgrounds against the government and well-financed interests from Washington D.C. and Madison. The success we have gained in this arena comes from putting together a remarkably talented team. Our record in litigation is among the best nationwide for public interest law firms because we’ve invested in bringing in the finest attorneys in the freedom movement – think the legal version of the Navy Seal Team Six.


Brian McGrath

Senior Counsel

Mike Fischer

Senior Counsel

Anthony LoCoco

Deputy Counsel

Lucas Vebber

Deputy Counsel

Luke Berg

Deputy Counsel

Dan Lennington

Deputy Counsel

Katherine Spitz

Associate Counsel

Cory Brewer

Cory Brewer

Associate Counsel

Annalise Ehlenbach


The Policy Team 

Our policy staff are knowledgeable in a variety of areas and their expertise has been recognized through invitations to testify at legislative hearings, provide commentary in the media, and present and speak to hundreds of people at events around Wisconsin. 

Our policy work has been cited and covered by the Wall Street Journal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and other prominent news outlets. Without a doubt, there remains a need for policy research to help advance the conservative principles that will improve our schools, remove barriers for economic growth, and impact the quality of life of Wisconsin citizens.

Libby Sobic

Director of Education Policy

Kyle Koenen

Director of Policy

Will Flanders, PHD

Research Director

Noah Diekemper

Senior Research Analyst

Cori Petersen

Writer and Research Analyst

Miranda Spindt

Miranda Spindt

Policy Associate

Shannon Whitworth

Shannon Whitworth

Bradley Freedom Fellow

Communications, Development, and Administration

Supporting the litigation and policy efforts of WILL takes a team of specialized professionals who work behind the scenes.  
A critical component of the WILL mission is communication and public advocacy. Quite simply, we believe in our work, and we are dedicated to making every effort to amplify our research, highlight our litigation, and engage in the public square with clear, principled, and reasonable arguments. The communications and public advocacy component ensure that WILL’s success is shared, not to pat ourselves on the back, but to advance our values. 
As a non-profit, the development team works diligently to communicate with our current donors and discover others who share our ideals to fund our collective efforts. This team also works with foundations who partner with us to advance our work. 
Administration is the backbone of the office – freeing up everyone else to focus on what they do best and making sure the day to day operations run smoothly and efficiently. 

Stacy Stueck

Director of Administration and Corporate Secretary

Lesley Luehrs

Development Director


Director of External Relations

Ameillia Wedward

Ameillia Wedward

Communications & Development Associate