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Rising Truancy Numbers Highlight Grave Concerns for Policymakers

Wisconsin kids are skipping class at an alarmingly high rate, here’s how our state matches up with the rest of the country.

WILL Condemns Governor Evers’ Use of “Secret” Email Account

Gov. Evers and his administration should disclose “any and all” emails and aliases.

WILL Files Amicus Brief with Oklahoma Supreme Court

WILL seeks to protect “Catholic charter school” in critical first amendment case that underlies the national school choice debate happening in America.

Wisconsin’s School Report Cards Are Broken-Here’s How to Fix Them

Schools with 20% proficiency or less in reading shouldn't be rated as 'proficient' on the state report card. Here's how to fix this...

WILL Secures Greater Transparency and Accountability for Wrightstown Community

WILL’s Efforts Cause School District to Comply with the Law

WILL Responds to New State Data Regarding School Performance

Poor-performing Wisconsin schools face massive tidal wave if forced to take on new students from Wisconsin’s Choice Program, because of even larger class sizes and teacher shortage.

WILL Files Motion to Intervene on Behalf of WI Schools and Families to Protect Education Options for All

WILL seeks to protect options for private and charter school families who benefit from Wisconsin’s popular and successful choice program.

WILL Secures Major 2nd Amendment Victory for Millions of Firearm Owners Nationwide

This is the first injunction that applies to all Americans, not just the plaintiffs in pending cases!

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The Wisconsin State Journal | Hand over public records electronically

The Wisconsin State Journal weighs in on our dispute with State Representative Brostoff, urging a more open and less costly approach to government ...

The CapTimes | Open government has to matter more than politics

The CapTimes in Madison writes an editorial, declaring that policymakers must do a better job at keeping government open and transparent. The cause of ...

RealClearEducation | Flanders: The Neglected Challenges of Rural Education

Writing at RealClearEducation, WILL Research Director Will Flanders notes that: [T]here is quiet crisis taking place in rural schools across America in a ...

The Racine Journal Times | State lawmakers should stop dodging open-records law

An editorial from the Racine Journal Times this weekend writes about our fight with State Representative Jonathan Brostoff over his refusal to provide ...

The Modesto Bee | Taxpayers to pay $2,000 to end open records lawsuit

The Modesto Bee (distributing an Associated Press article) writes about our win in our open records lawsuit against State Representative Jonathan ...

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel | Taxpayers to pay nearly $2,000 in legal fees for Wisconsin Rep. Jonathan Brostoff in open records case

Covering our lawsuit against Wisconsin State Representative Jonathan Brostoff, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel writes: Taxpayers will pay about $2,000 in ...

National Catholic Register | Wisconsin High Court Hears Academic-Freedom Debate in ‘Marquette v. McAdams’

The National Catholic Register on the McAdams v. Marquette case currently being reviewed by the Wisconsin Supreme Court: The Jesuit university suspended ...


The Heartland Institute takes a look at Dr. Will Flanders annual review of school performance rankings and notes that, The results of these school choice ...

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