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WILL at Wisconsin Supreme Court for Koschkee v. Taylor

Seminal case on constitutional power of State Superintendent of Public Instruction The News: Today at 1:30 p.m. CST, in Koschkee v. Taylor (previously ...

WILL, SCWA Sue DPI in School Choice Lawsuit

State’s ed agency illegally preventing private choice schools from counting “virtual instruction” towards classroom learning requirements The Breaking ...

President Trump Discusses WILL Lawsuit at White House

Free speech executive order prominently features WILL The News: On Thursday afternoon, Polly Olsen, WILL’s client in a campus free speech lawsuit against ...

Responding to Critics of Medicaid Expansion Study

WILL’s Medicaid study showing a net negative impact on Wisconsin citizens upset a lot of people who are committed to the fiction of “free” Medicaid.  A lot

STUDY: K-12 Spending Increases Unlikely to Result in Student Success

New analysis on K-12 spending raises questions about student impact The News: Last month, Governor Tony Evers proposed $1.4 billion in additional spending

Governor Evers Agrees With WILL on Legal Status of Wedding Barns

Evers administration pledges to interpret law as previously practiced The News: A day after the Wisconsin Department of Justice responded to WILL’s lawsuit

Evers Admin. Prolongs Uncertainty for Wedding Barn Owners

Evers, Kaul provide no clarity on legality of wedding barns The News: The Wisconsin Department of Justice, on behalf of the Evers administration, issued a ...

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RightWisconsin | The State of Conservatism – Esenberg Edition

WILL President and General Counsel Rick Esenberg explores the state of conservatism in Wisconsin over at RightWisconsin. "Politics is an uncomfortable ...

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel | Wisconsin citizens win a round against secrecy

This morning the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel cites WILL Deputy Counsel and Litigation Manager Tom Kamenick in condemning proposed changes by the Public ...

The Wisconsin State Journal | Analysis: Last 6 state Supreme Court races attracted $13.2M in issue ad spending

WILL President and General Counsel Rick Esenberg proffers an opinion on the potential for profligate spending in SCOWI elections. "Esenberg said Supreme ...

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | Public Outpouring: Emails, letters urge board reversal on records access

WILL Deputy Counsel and Litigation Manager Tom Kamenick quoted extensively in the Journal-Sentinel: And a conservative group called the change an ...

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | Szafir: MPS Must Embrace New Ideas

WILL Vice President for Policy and Deputy Counsel CJ Szafir writing in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: The law was passed because, as Darling put it, "(MPS

CBS 58 | Department of Justice Drops Investigation into Milwaukee School Choice Program

CBS 58 in Milwaukee covered the USDOJ investigation that uncovered absolutely no wrongdoing by schools participating in Milwaukee's Parental School Choice ...

RightWisconsin | 5 Wisconsin Democrats Who Cheered on the DOJ Investigation of the Milwaukee School Choice Program

  Collin Roth at RightWisconsin exposes the school choice political football that five Wisconsin Democrats like to kick around: "In 2014, Pocan said ...

Wisconsin Public Radio | Week in Review

WILL President and General Counsel joined former Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager and Joy Cardin to discuss the Week in Review.

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