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WILL Wins Lawsuit Over Illegal Voter Registration Form

WEC violated rulemaking requirements, cannot bypass the rule of law.

WILL Hires New Attorney, Skylar Croy

WILL is proud to announce the hire of Skylar Croy, a former law clerk to two justices at the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

WILL Sues Town of Hayward for Ignoring Public Meetings Law

We filed a lawsuit against a town for ignoring WI law, and refusing to notice and hold a special town meeting rightfully and legally requested by residents of the town.

Follow the $$$: WILL Investigates Rise of Bureaucracy in K-12

Is your school district spending money on bureaucracy rather than in classrooms?

WILL Pushes Transparency and Accountability in Hayward Controversy

WILL sent a letter to the Town of Hayward demanding that they follow Wisconsin law and hold a publicly noticed town meeting so residents can properly weigh in on significant spending projects. The town is ignoring a clear legal obligation and WILL is promising to take action.

WILL Hires New Attorney, Nathalie Burmeister

WILL’s growing team is essential to defend constitutional rights, advance the rule of law, promote education choice, advocate for limited government, and fundraise towards such efforts.

WILL, IRG Sue to Obtain Public Records

WILL and the Institute for Reforming Government (IRG) demand that the Secretary of State, Sarah Godlewski, fulfill a records request that has been pending for almost six months relating to the unusual circumstances surrounding her appointment. 

WILL Provides Testimony in Opposition to Burdensome Regulation of Wisconsin’s “Wedding Barn” Industry

We strongly encourage the committee to amend legislation, and not use the heavy hand of government to decimate the livelihoods of farmers around the state.

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New WILL Study Compares The Efficiency of Milwaukee’s Public Schools

Dr. Will Flanders and CJ Szafir at the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) co-authored a new report, “Bang for the Buck,” that analyzes which ...

RedState | Milwaukee Loses Millions As Government Buildings Sit Empty

RedState goes into detail and uses WILL's reports on empty school buildings to explain how the taxpayers are losing when Milwaukee and MPS stall and ...

WashingtonPost | A university moved to fire a professor after he defended a student’s right to debate gay marriage. Now he’s suing.

From the WashingtonPost: A tenured professor and a legal institute are suing Marquette University, claiming a breach of contract for the suspension ...


The Marquette Tribune published an article sharing the detailed interactions between the student involved in the McAdams case and Marquette ...

National Review | Hudson: Why Good Manners Matter

Writing in National Review, Lexi Hudson explores how developed social skills translates to increased socioeconomic opportunities: "“Good manners will open ...

National Review | Walker’s Union Reforms Have Helped, Not Hurt, Wisconsinites

Five years after Act 10, WILL Vice President for Policy and Deputy Counsel CJ Szafir writes in National Review how Governor Walker's reforms have saved ...


The Wisconsin Public Records Board made significant changes last summer in determining what kind of records can be immediately destroyed. Many ...

FORBES | Judge Rules Wisconsin’s Right To Work Statute Illegal — Now What?

One year after Wisconsin adopts Right to Work law, a federal judge has ruled it unconstitutional. Judge Foust shares, “a free-rider problem is born – the ...

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