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Evers Wrong on Reasoning for Veto Threat on Tax Cuts

Governor Evers appears to be turning a blind eye to the legal facts, using the threat of a veto to conceal his opposition to returning more of families' well-deserved earnings.

WILL Hires New Attorney, Lauren Greuel

We added another lawyer, Lauren Greuel, to bolster WILL’s capacity to promote education reform!

WEC Complies with Judge’s Order, Removes Unlawful Form from its Website

WILL’s legal victory will protect Wisconsinites from election error & fraud!

Some Legislators are Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud: “We don’t care about your Choice kids”

Recently, a group of Democrats announced a set of bills that would bring educational choice in Wisconsin to an end. Let's discuss this...

WILL Files Motion to Protect WI Elections

WILL seeks to prevent Super PAC from overturning Wisconsin election laws governing drop boxes and absentee ballot security.

WILL Wins Lawsuit Over Illegal Voter Registration Form

WEC violated rulemaking requirements, cannot bypass the rule of law.

WILL Hires New Attorney, Skylar Croy

WILL is proud to announce the hire of Skylar Croy, a former law clerk to two justices at the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

WILL Sues Town of Hayward for Ignoring Public Meetings Law

We filed a lawsuit against a town for ignoring WI law, and refusing to notice and hold a special town meeting rightfully and legally requested by residents of the town.

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Racine Journal Times | Sloppy lawmaking threatens tailgating in state

The Racine Journal Times editorial page writes: So how did this silly piece of legislation come to be? The original law change was simple enough: It ...

New York Daily News | Flanders, Goodnow: The negative effects of Obama’s ‘positive’ school discipline policies

Writing in the New York Daily News, WILL Research Director Will Flanders and Research Fellow, Natalie Goodnow, note our review of Obama-era school ...

Racine Journal Times | Public records don’t belong to bureaucrats

Bemoaning policymaker efforts to keep records from public scrutiny, The Racine Journal Times writes: Sigh. Is it really that hard for state legislators ...

Wall Street Journal | No Racial Quotas in Special Education

The Wall Street Journal references our report, Collateral Damage, as they look at racial quotas in Special Education: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos ...

Education Next | Flanders, Wolf: A Story, Not a Study

WILL Research Director, Dr. Will Flanders, and the University of Arkansas Education Professor, Patrick Wolf, write in Education Next: A recent Wall Street ...

Jackson Clarion Ledger | Flanders, DeAngelis: School choice for all would jump start Mississippi economy

WILL Research Director Dr. Will Flanders and CATO Institute's Corey DeAngelis write in the Jackson Clarion Ledger: This is an exciting time for the ...

WILL Press Release | ICYMI: WILL and Americans for Tax Reform in Wall Street Journal Calling for Repeal of Wisconsin’s outdated Unfair Sales Act

Piece reviews how current 9.18% mandatory markup law harms Wisconsin consumers, makes scofflaws of retailers like Krist Oil who want to offer competitive ...

Wall Street Journal | Szafir, Gleason: These Prices Are a Steal—and in Some States, That’s Illegal

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, WILL Executive Vice President CJ Szafir and Americans for Tax Reform call for the repeal of Wisconsin's minimum markup ...

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