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WILL Highlights Mental Health Awareness in May

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it is more important than ever to ensure that people have access to the resources and support they need. A recent report by WILL highlights how social capital, the network and relationships people have, has been declining for decades and made worse by the pandemic.

Cutting Off Your Foot to Spite the Children

Despite the narrow approval of a massive $252 million referendum just last month, Milwaukee Public Schools recently announced that substantial cuts to their budget will be required. But while MPS continues to demonstrate a lack of financial management with taxpayer dollars, other decisions the board is considering that are designed to placate teachers unions are actually harming their bottom line.  

WILL Files Second Federal Discrimination Complaint Against Prominent University During Nationwide Pro-Hamas Protests

WILL has filed a federal Title VI complaint against Rutgers University (“the University”) on behalf of the Young America’s Foundation (“YAF”), which has an active chapter on the University’s campus. The complaint challenges the University’s illegal promise to prioritize the “needs” of “Arab, Muslim, and Palestinian” students over those of Israeli and Jewish students.

WILL Sues Wisconsin Department of Revenue on behalf of Wisconsin Small Businesses

WILL has filed a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) on behalf of two Wisconsin Wedding Barns. The lawsuit is seeking to mitigate the harmful impacts of Wisconsin Act 73, which became law in late 2023 and fully takes effect in 2026.

Policy Report: WILL Examines How Declining Social Capital is the Root Cause to Many Societal Problems

WILL released a new report assessing the impact declining levels of social capital (the collection of interpersonal relationships that unite a heterogeneous society) has on Wisconsin communities.

WILL Opposes Federal Cuts to CSP

WILL opposes federal cuts to the Charter Schools Program (CSP) and is asking our federal congressional delegation to oppose Biden's effort to defund choice and freedom in education.

WILL Files Federal Discrimination Complaint Against University in the Wake of Nationwide Pro-Hamas Protests

WILL has filed a federal Title VI complaint against Northwestern University on behalf of the Young America’s Foundation, which has an active chapter on the University’s campus. The complaint documents the University’s plan to offer nearly $1.9 million in scholarship funds, faculty positions, and student-organization space to Palestinian students and staff.

Biden Administration Ordered to Pay WILL’s Attorney Fees Following MBDA Win

Rare win highlights the significant costs required to challenge unconstitutional government programs  The News: The Wisconsin Institute for Law & ...

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National Review | Withdraw the Obama Administration’s ‘Dear Colleague’ Letter on School Discipline

Roger Clegg and Hans A. Von Spakovsky take a look at our letter to Secretary Betsy DeVos which urges her to scrap Obama-era suspension policy ...

RealClearPolitics | Esenberg: Why the Supreme Court Punted in Redistricting Case

Rick Esenberg writing at RealClearPolitics on why the U.S. Supreme Court punted on Wisconsin's redistricting case, Gill v. Whitford: In the eagerly ...

UrbanMilwaukee | Sobic, Peterson: MPS Could Cut Budget By Selling Buildings

WILL Associate Counsel Libby Sobic and WILL Writer and Reseach Associate Cori Peterson write in UrbanMilwaukee on how selling vacant buildings could ...

WI vs. MN Study is Deeply Flawed, Doesn’t Warrant Media Coverage

A new “study” from the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute (EPI) purports to show that Minnesota has had better economic outcomes under liberal ...

The Weekly Standard | Esenberg, Szafir: How Opponents of School Choice in Wisconsin Weaponized the Justice Department

WILL's President and General Counsel, Rick Esenberg, and Executive Vice President, CJ Szafir, write in The Weekly Standard, on how the ACLU and other ...

RightWisconsin | Sobic, Flanders: MPS Budget Crisis and Half-Empty Buildings

WILL Associate Counsel Libby Sobic and WILL Research Director Will Flanders write at RightWisconsin that MPS' so-called budget woes could be alleviated if ...

Wisconsin State Journal | Supreme Court to hear arguments over whether Tony Evers can have own attorney

The Wisconsin State Journal covers today's hearing at the Wisconsin Supreme Court in our case, Koschkee v. Evers. The lawsuit is latest move in a ...

Vicki McKenna Show on WIBA | Flanders discusses Cato study challenging how we look at public education

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