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WILL Files Lawsuit Against Discriminatory “DEI” State Bar Practices

Harvard Decision has created new opportunities to challenge Wisconsin State Bar practices in violation of the Fourteenth & First Amendments.

WILL and MSLF Secure Legal Victory for Student Group at UW-La Crosse

WILL and the Mountain States Legal Foundation (MSLF) secured a legal victory for a conservative group, Young America’s Foundation (YAF), a student organization that was denied student-organization status by University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

WILL Challenges DEI Mandates at University of Wisconsin Campus

UW-La Crosse forces students to accept divisive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ideology in clear violation of the First Amendment.

WILL Releases Statement on Second UW Regent Vote to Reduce Discriminatory “DEI” Programs

WILL released a statement following the UW Regents vote to approve new parameters for DEI programs following a potential compromise proposed by Speaker Robin Vos and Assembly Republicans.

WILL Statement on Wisconsin Supreme Court’s School Choice Decision

This fight is very far from over, and WILL stands ready to defend these critical school choice programs for WI students and families alike.

The DNR Regulates Your Christmas Trees

Out of the thin, frosty air, the DNR is now saying Christmas trees can no longer go in the state’s landfills, WILL is seeking more answers.

WILL Pledges to Defend Act 10 in New Statement

WILL released a statement in support of Act 10, critical collective bargaining reforms that were put in place by Governor Scott Walker in 2011.

Biden Department of Education finally begins Title IX Investigation into Sun Prairie Locker Room Incident

OCR investigation in response to WILL complaint will hopefully mean answers for families at the Sun Prairie Area School District, but parents and students will need to wait and see.

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National Review | Withdraw the Obama Administration’s ‘Dear Colleague’ Letter on School Discipline

Roger Clegg and Hans A. Von Spakovsky take a look at our letter to Secretary Betsy DeVos which urges her to scrap Obama-era suspension policy ...

RealClearPolitics | Esenberg: Why the Supreme Court Punted in Redistricting Case

Rick Esenberg writing at RealClearPolitics on why the U.S. Supreme Court punted on Wisconsin's redistricting case, Gill v. Whitford: In the eagerly ...

UrbanMilwaukee | Sobic, Peterson: MPS Could Cut Budget By Selling Buildings

WILL Associate Counsel Libby Sobic and WILL Writer and Reseach Associate Cori Peterson write in UrbanMilwaukee on how selling vacant buildings could ...

WI vs. MN Study is Deeply Flawed, Doesn’t Warrant Media Coverage

A new “study” from the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute (EPI) purports to show that Minnesota has had better economic outcomes under liberal ...

The Weekly Standard | Esenberg, Szafir: How Opponents of School Choice in Wisconsin Weaponized the Justice Department

WILL's President and General Counsel, Rick Esenberg, and Executive Vice President, CJ Szafir, write in The Weekly Standard, on how the ACLU and other ...

RightWisconsin | Sobic, Flanders: MPS Budget Crisis and Half-Empty Buildings

WILL Associate Counsel Libby Sobic and WILL Research Director Will Flanders write at RightWisconsin that MPS' so-called budget woes could be alleviated if ...

Wisconsin State Journal | Supreme Court to hear arguments over whether Tony Evers can have own attorney

The Wisconsin State Journal covers today's hearing at the Wisconsin Supreme Court in our case, Koschkee v. Evers. The lawsuit is latest move in a ...

Vicki McKenna Show on WIBA | Flanders discusses Cato study challenging how we look at public education

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