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WILL Urges the State Supreme Court to Proceed Cautiously in Considering a Evers’ Request to Fundamentally Alter Wisconsin’s Separation of Powers

The News: The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) has filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court of Wisconsin (SCOW) urging the justices to ...

The Redistricting Debate Continues: Is Proportional Representation Truly Fair or Legal?

WILL examines yet another inadequate, flawed statistical measure for assessing legislative maps.

WILL Opposes Effort to Make Abortion a “Constitutional Right” in Wisconsin

There is no right to abortion in Wisconsin’s Constitution. It’s not even a close question.

What The Milwaukee Referendum Could Cost You…

Recently, Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) proposed a $252 million annual referendum that will raise taxes on those in the city in perpetuity. The question ...

WILL Reacts to State Legislative Votes on Constitutional Amendments

WILL strongly supports the “No Taxation Without Representation” and the Equality Amendments!

WILL, MSLF Secure First Amendment Win for Conservative Student Group

UW-Madison Amends Agreement to Remove Unprecedented Security Costs, Allowing YAF Event to Move Forward

WILL Warns UW-Madison Over First Amendment Violation  

WILL & Mountain States Legal Foundation (MSLF) are demanding that the University of Wisconsin-Madison treat all student organizations fairly and not punish a conservative organization for its viewpoints.  

DEI’s Days are Numbered, WILL Secures Massive Legal Victory Against Discriminatory Federal Agency

On behalf of small businesses from Wisconsin, Texas, and Florida, WILL sued President Biden’s new “Minority Business Development Agency” and Won

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Wisconsin State Journal | Wilford, Vebber: Wisconsin’s tax web gets stickier for small business

National Taxpayer's Union's Andrew Wilford and WILL's Lucas Vebber write at the Wisconsin State Journal how tax policy should be the exclusive purview of ...

The Cap Times | Legislative committee considers licensing Wisconsin wedding barns

As a legislative committee considers updating Wisconsin's liquor licensing laws, we've pointed out how their efforts may very well shut down the ...

Fox & Friends | WATCH: Rick Esenberg and Polly Olsen Fighting For Free Speech on Campus

Fox & Friends | WATCH: Rick Esenberg and Polly Olsen Fighting For Free Speech on Campus

Washington Examiner | Flanders: Spending more money on schools doesn’t help students learn

WILL Research Director, Dr. Will Flanders, writes in the Washington Examiner on how research shows that spending more money on schools doesn't help ...

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | High-speed lane: Legislation moved much faster after Republicans gained control in Madison

WILL President and General Counsel Rick Esenberg gives his thoughts to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on the pace with which legislation moves through the ...

National Review Online | Esenberg, Roth: To ‘Save’ Jobs, Wisconsin Republicans Set a Dangerous Precedent

WILL President and General Counsel Rick Esenberg and Director of Public Engagement Collin Roth write in National Review Online on the market distorting ...

ICYMI: WILL in National Review on “Crony Capitalism” of Kimberly-Clark Bailout Plan

It makes little sense to pay struggling businesses to “save jobs” during a labor shortage August 17, 2018 – Milwaukee, WI -- WILL President and General ...

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