WILL Opposes Federal Cuts to CSP

Across the Badger State, over 49,000 students attend public charter schools. Public charter schools are public schools that contract for authorization by either the local school district or a state-approved entity. They must provide free education, be nonreligious, cannot limit or reject students and must serve students with disabilities.

Public charters are often described as schools with more freedom from some state laws and regulations in exchange for greater accountability for results. This freedom allows for greater flexibility in curriculum or learning design, enabling the creation of schools tailored to the specific needs of communities or students and fostering innovation in K-12 education. If a public charter school fails to comply with the requirements of its contract with the authorizer, the school will close.

Furthermore, WILL research has found that public charter schools in Milwaukee had proficiency rateshigher in both English Language Arts and math on average to their traditional public-school peers. For example, public charters authorized by a state entity had 3.7% higher in ELAand4.6% higher in math on average than their traditionalpublic-schoolpeers at Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS). As the state continues to struggle with achievement gaps for low-income and minority students, public charter schools are an important avenue for providing high-quality options for at-risk students.


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