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Former Lawmakers, WILL Enter Extraordinary Session Lawsuit

Former Speaker, Lt. Gov., lawmakers make the case for extraordinary sessions and laws jeopardized by Dane County ruling The News: Today at the Wisconsin ...

WILL Sues City of Eau Claire for Using Illegal TIF to Raise Tax Revenue

City claims it needs TIF district for a building that’s already built, misuses tax dollars along the way The News: The Wisconsin Institute for Law & ...

Scott Walker, WILL Ask SCOTUS to Take School Choice Case

Brief highlights the benefits and success of school choice in Wisconsin The News: Today, on behalf of former Governor Scott Walker, the Wisconsin ...

WILL at Wisconsin Supreme Court for Koschkee v. Taylor

Seminal case on constitutional power of State Superintendent of Public Instruction The News: Today at 1:30 p.m. CST, in Koschkee v. Taylor (previously ...

WILL Polls Critical Education Policy Questions in Wisconsin

Statewide poll finds low support for Evers’ attack on school choice The News: With K-12 education policy taking center stage in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) conducted a statewide poll of registered voters to […]

WILL, SCWA Sue DPI in School Choice Lawsuit

State’s ed agency illegally preventing private choice schools from counting “virtual instruction” towards classroom learning requirements The Breaking ...

President Trump Discusses WILL Lawsuit at White House

Free speech executive order prominently features WILL The News: On Thursday afternoon, Polly Olsen, WILL’s client in a campus free speech lawsuit against ...

Responding to Critics of Medicaid Expansion Study

WILL’s Medicaid study showing a net negative impact on Wisconsin citizens upset a lot of people who are committed to the fiction of “free” Medicaid.  A ...

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