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WILL Testified in Support of Parental Rights Legislation

WILL testified at an Assembly Committee on Family Law hearing in support of AB 510, otherwise known as the Parental Rights Bill.

WI Patients Stand to Benefit Most from Healthcare Price Transparency

Healthcare costs have continued to rise and become a top concern, putting a strain on individuals and families. This analysis reaffirms the positive impact that greater price transparency can have on the lives of all Americans, and Wisconsinites especially.

Putting Trust and Integrity Back in Wisconsin Elections

Newly Proposed Monday Count Bill Is A Step In Right Direction

WILL Opens New Front in Anti-Discrimination Battle

WILL filed a federal lawsuit against the Biden Administration’s “disadvantaged business enterprise” (DBE) program, alleging illegal discrimination. The federal DBE program is the largest, and perhaps oldest, affirmative action program in U.S. history. It is administered by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Media Misses the Mark on Latest SAT Numbers

This week, new SAT rankings were released, placing Wisconsin at the top in the nation. This “news” was used by public school advocates as evidence that Wisconsin’s public schools are still doing a great job, despite the efforts of evil conservatives to undermine them. But is this truly the case? 

WILL Unveils New Teacher Resources to Break the Status Quo in Education

Partnering with Educator Daniel Buck, WILL seeks to Restore American Education Nationwide

Disclosure: New Efforts by UW System to Rebrand DEI Initiatives

WILL is calling on UW System to follow laws and U.S. Constitution, and to provide additional documents related to their programs.

WILL’s Litigation Continues to Grow with New Paralegal, Stephanie Cerniglia

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) hired a Paralegal, Stephanie Cerniglia, to aid the growing litigation team.

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The Heartland Institute takes a look at Dr. Will Flanders annual review of school performance rankings and notes that, The results of these school choice ...

The Cap Times | Wisconsin Supreme Court justices full of questions at hearing on professor’s suit against Marquette

The Cap Times recaps the probing questions from the Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices during oral arguments in McAdams v. Marquette. Suspended Marquette ...

WUWM | Suspended Marquette Professor Takes Academic Freedom Case to State Supreme Court

WUWM covers the oral arguments in Professor McAdams' case against Marquette University: The Wisconsin Supreme Court is considering a case involving ...

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | In McAdams vs. Marquette hearing, justices focus on speech rights for professors

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel continues their coverage of the McAdams v. Marquette saga. Suspended Marquette University political science professor John ...

The Federalist | Esenberg: Marquette Case Will Say Whether Colleges Can Break Contract To Silence Professors

WILL President and General Counsel, Rick Esenberg, writes at The Federalist: Intolerance towards conservative speakers on college campuses often follows ...

Washington Examiner | Flanders, O’Connor: School choice works, but it could work better

WILL Research Director, Dr. Will Flanders and WILL Writer and Research Associate Cori O'Connor write in the Washington Examiner: School reformers agree ...

Wall Street Journal | Wisconsin Supreme Court to Hear Marquette Professor’s Free-Speech Case

Lawsuit asks to decide if blog post was protected academic debate or internet trolling From the article: Courts have ruled that professors at public ...

The Weekly Standard | Esenberg: Why Is the State of Wisconsin Trying to Prevent a Man Who Owns a Cemetery from Opening a Funeral Home?

WILL President and General Counsel, Rick Esenberg writing in the Weekly Standard on our lawsuit challenging Wisconsin law that prohibits cemetery owners ...

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