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STUDY: K-12 Spending Increases Unlikely to Result in Student Success

New analysis on K-12 spending raises questions about student impact The News: Last month, Governor Tony Evers proposed $1.4 billion in additional spending on K-12 education in Wisconsin. This […]

Governor Evers Agrees With WILL on Legal Status of Wedding Barns

Evers administration pledges to interpret law as previously practiced The News: A day after the Wisconsin Department of Justice responded to WILL’s ...

Evers Admin. Prolongs Uncertainty for Wedding Barn Owners

Evers, Kaul provide no clarity on legality of wedding barns The News: The Wisconsin Department of Justice, on behalf of the Evers administration, issued a ...

WILL Budget Explainer: The Administrative State

How Evers’ Budget Empowers Executive, Regulatory State The News: Last week, Governor Tony Evers released his 2019-2021 budget. WILL Deputy Counsel Lucas ...

Time to Repeal Minimum Markup Law

Hidden tax raises price of goods, does not protect small business The News: A bipartisan consensus is forming that it is time to repeal Wisconsin’s ...

DPI Hands Over Documents in Open Records Lawsuit

Hearing cancelled, WILL attorneys reviewing the documents The News: As a result of WILL’s open records lawsuit, the Wisconsin Department of Public ...

Governor Evers’ Budget Targets School Choice: What You Need to Know

Proposal threatens to end school choice as Wisconsin knows it The News: This morning, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Governor Tony Evers ...

1 Year Later: Religious-themed Valentines STILL Cannot Be Freely Distributed at Tech College

WILL produces new video showing Polly innocently handing out Valentines, files for summary judgment The Story:  On Valentine’s Day 2018, officials at ...

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