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Policy Report: WILL Examines How Declining Social Capital is the Root Cause to Many Societal Problems

WILL released a new report assessing the impact declining levels of social capital (the collection of interpersonal relationships that unite a heterogeneous society) has on Wisconsin communities.

WILL Opposes Federal Cuts to CSP

WILL opposes federal cuts to the Charter Schools Program (CSP) and is asking our federal congressional delegation to oppose Biden's effort to defund choice and freedom in education.

WILL Files Federal Discrimination Complaint Against University in the Wake of Nationwide Pro-Hamas Protests

WILL has filed a federal Title VI complaint against Northwestern University on behalf of the Young America’s Foundation, which has an active chapter on the University’s campus. The complaint documents the University’s plan to offer nearly $1.9 million in scholarship funds, faculty positions, and student-organization space to Palestinian students and staff.

Biden Administration Ordered to Pay WILL’s Attorney Fees Following MBDA Win

Rare win highlights the significant costs required to challenge unconstitutional government programs  The News: The Wisconsin Institute for Law & ...

WILL Opposes New Effort from Planned Parenthood to Make Abortion a “Constitutional Right” in Wisconsin

4.25.24 The News: The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) has filed a response to a case brought by Planned Parenthood seeking ...

Race Discrimination Discovered at American Bar Association

WILL is warning the American Bar Association (ABA) to review its race-based Judicial Clerkship Program and Internship Opportunity Program. WILL told the ABA in a letter that these programs violate multiple federal, state, and local civil rights laws, and harm innumerable students around the country. Unless the ABA opens their programs to all races and stops using race as a factor, WILL is planning appropriate legal action.

April Healthcare Highlight: While Nursing Homes Struggle to Meet Need, New Biden Rules Will Make Things Even Harder

WILL responds to Vice President Kamala Harris touting new federal staffing requirements for federally-funded nursing homes.  But while the Biden Administration has identified a very real problem, their preferred solution is likely to only make things worse for families struggling to find affordable facilities for seniors. 

WILL Releases Statement on New Title IX Changes from Biden Administration

4.19.24 The News: The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) released a statement criticizing the new Title IX rules from the Biden ...

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Wall Street Journal | Petersen: Wolves Attack Wisconsin With Washington’s Help

WILL Research Associate and Writer, Cori Petersen, writes in the Wall Street Journal on Washington's failure to protect private property and help manage ...

UrbanMilwaukee | The Rise of Federalist Society Judges

Bruce Thompson, the Data Wonk, writes at UrbanMilwaukee on how judges associated with the Federalist Society are gaining prominence. Although five of the ...

RealClearEducation | Szafir, Petersen: School Choice Movement Needs Better Messaging

WILL's CJ Szafir and Cori Petersen write at RealClearEducation on school choice and education reformers need to better target and message their advocacy ...

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel | Groups ask judges to tell Wisconsin lawmaker to provide electronic copies of public records

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports on our efforts urging the court to force state lawmakers to turn over electronic records when electronic records ...

National Catholic Register | Court Rules Marquette University Violated Conservative Professor’s Academic Freedom

National Catholic Register reports on Professor John McAdams win against Marquette University in his nationally-watched academic freedom case: Wisconsin’s ...

Wall Street Journal | Wisconsin High Court Backs Marquette Professor in Academic Free-Speech Case

The Wall Street Journal covers Professor John McAdams' Wisconsin Supreme Court win in his academic freedom case against Marquette University. The ...

National Review | Flanders: How to Win Over School-Choice Skeptics

WILL's Dr. Will Flanders writes at National Review online on how to win over school choice skeptics by using effective messaging and data: School choice ...

WUWM | Plaintiffs Look Forward to Reworking Wisconsin Gerrymander Case

WUWM talks with Rick Esenberg on the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Gill v. Whitford, Wisconsin's legislative redistricting case. Justices ruled that ...

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