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WILL Press Release | WILL Study Makes Case For Expansion of Statewide School Choice

Rural public schools face challenges of poverty and low student achievement – yet parents lack access to educational options April 13, 2017 – Milwaukee, WI – The Wisconsin Institute […]


Petition undermines the state’s long history of electing judges and suggests clearly unconstitutional restrictions on speech   April 7, 2017 - ...

WILL Press Release | WILL Testifies on Occupational Licensing Reform to Senate and Assembly Committees

Roth, Flanders speak on how burdensome licensing laws cost jobs in Wisconsin   April 6, 2017 – Milwaukee, WI – Today WILL Research Fellow Collin ...

WILL Press Release | WILL President and General Counsel Rick Esenberg Statement on Wisconsin Superintendent Evers’s Debate Remarks

Happy he read our study on school choice results, disappointed he didn't understand it   March 29, 2017 – Milwaukee, WI – Yesterday, at a state ...

WILL Press Release | WILL Sues Milwaukee Public School District For Its Discriminatory Transportation Policies

MPS illegally denies busing to children at St. Joan Antida High School, a private MPCP school   March 22, 2017 – Milwaukee, WI – State law requires ...

WILL Press Release | WILL Sues State of Wisconsin for its Protectionist Butter Law

Dairy State’s unconstitutional law could send you to jail for selling Kerrygold butter March 17, 2017 – Milwaukee, WI – On behalf of four consumers and ...

WILL Press Release | WILL Files FOIA Lawsuit Against U.S. Department of Justice

Seeks to obtain records relating to baseless Obama DOJ probe into the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program March 16, 2017 – Milwaukee, WI – Sunshine Week ...

Press Release | New WILL Study: Occupational Licensing Requirements Decrease Employment

Peer-reviewed study makes case for reform March 15, 2017 – Milwaukee, WI – With Governor Walker and the state legislature discussing occupational ...

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