The Federalist | Esenberg: Marquette Case Will Say Whether Colleges Can Break Contract To Silence Professors

WILL President and General Counsel, Rick Esenberg, writes at The Federalist:

Intolerance towards conservative speakers on college campuses often follows the same story line: A small cadre of student activists and professors shout down or disrupt the appearance because they have determined that ideas themselves are akin to physical violence. But the suppression of speech also comes in quieter forms with even graver consequences.

At Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisc., the climate of campus intolerance towards conservative voices has done more than ruin a speaking event. Tenured political science Professor John McAdams, who also happens to be a conservative, has been placed square in the crosshairs by his faculty peers and an administration that has decided their contractual commitment to academic freedom shouldn’t have to cover the free expression of viewpoints they don’t like. McAdams’s livelihood, career and reputation hang in the balance of a Wisconsin State Supreme Court case, the most important academic freedom case in the country.

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