Leading areas of policy

Health Care

WILL advocates for a patient-centered approach to health care that preserves competition, spurs innovation, and ensures broad access to quality and affordable health care.


WILL advocates for an education system that is student-centered and prioritizes the freedom of families to choose the best education for their children.

Regulatory Reform

WILL advocates for oversight and accountability for the administrative state.


WILL advocates for a society where all citizens have access to the important ladders of opportunity.

Latest News and Policy Updates

WILL Report Questions Effectiveness of Additional K-12 Spending

Has Wisconsin hit a wall where an additional dollar in education spending will not bring improvements in student outcomes? Using econometric analysis, WILL’s latest education policy report […]

WILL Policy Brief: Apples-to-Oranges?

Too often, the media, politicians, and interest groups try to form conclusions by lumping schools together according to “sector” – traditional public schools in the Milwaukee Public School (MPS) […]

WILL and EAG Release Report on DPI’s Adversarial Treatment of Voucher Schools

WILL and the Education Action Group (“EAG”) have partnered to release a thoroughly-researched report on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (“DPI”) and the school choice program. The […]

MPS and the City Ignore State Law

Based on a MPS open records request, WILL concludes that the City of Milwaukee’s policy of giving Milwaukee Public Schools the authority to designate and sell or lease its unused school buildings […]

WILL Releases Report on Legality of School Choice Expansion

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (“WILL”) has released a report, “The Story of School Choice – Constitutional Challenges and Victories,” that provides a brief – but thorough – […]