Leading areas of policy

Health Care

WILL advocates for a patient-centered approach to health care that preserves competition, spurs innovation, and ensures broad access to quality and affordable health care.

K-12 Education

WILL advocates for an education system that is student-centered and prioritizes the freedom of families to choose the best education for their children.

Regulatory Reform

WILL advocates for oversight and accountability for the administrative state.

Free Markets

WILL advocates for a free market system that fosters competition, spurs innovation, and creates prosperity.


WILL advocates for a society where all citizens have access to the important ladders of opportunity.

Latest News and Policy Updates

WILL Press Release | WILL Releases 50 State Study on Occupational Licensing

Study shows that more requirements lead to less jobs; employment could increase by 4.5% in certain professions if licensing reform enacted October 18, ...

WILL Press Release | WILL Study Finds Unintended Consequences of Obama Era Suspension Policies

Federal guidance yielded lower suspension rates in Wisconsin public schools, school safety concerns remain October 11, 2017 - Milwaukee, WI - The ...

WILL Press Release | State Must Do More For Special Needs Children

WILL policy brief highlights need to fix the Special Needs Scholarship Program August 30, 2017 – Milwaukee, WI – Today the Wisconsin Institute for ...

WILL/School Choice Wisconsin Press Release | New Report Shows Impact of Current Accountability Measures in Milwaukee Parental Choice Program

Report challenges voucher program critics' opposition that schools are "unaccountable" August 1, 2017 – Milwaukee, WI – School Choice Wisconsin (SCW) ...

WILL Press Release | WILL’s Center for Competitive Federalism Releases Report Revealing How EPA Regulation Stifles Economy

Regulations have turned Sheboygan into a "No Growth" Zone July 12, 2017 – Milwaukee, WI – Today, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty’s Center ...

WILL Press Release | WILL Addresses ESSA Process, State Plan, and Opportunities Missed

Frequently Asked Questions About Every Student Succeeds Act May 30, 2017 - Milwaukee, WI - Right now the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is making ...

WILL Press Release | New Study Shows Wisconsin’s Minimum Markup Law Has No Effect on the Number of Small Business, Gas Retailers

Law doesn’t provide the protections or the benefits to consumers that its supporters claim May 18, 2017 – Milwaukee, WI – The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty released a new …

WILL Policy Brief | 5 Things Everyone Should Know About the State Budget

May 2, 2017 - Milwaukee, WI - The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty has released a new policy brief, “5 Things Everyone Should know About the ...