Press Releases

WILL Files Formal Civil Rights Complaint Against the American Bar Association and Institutions of Higher Education Across America for Discriminatory Practices

WILL has filed a Title VI complaint against the American Bar Association (ABA) for several discriminatory programs, including its “Judicial Clerkship Program” and “Judicial Intern Opportunity Program,” which offer premier, exclusive opportunities to candidates based on race. The complaint also names three universities that have conspired with the ABA to run its clerkship program: South Texas College, the University of the Pacific, and Willamette University.

WILL Highlights Mental Health Awareness in May

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it is more important than ever to ensure that people have access to the resources and support they need. A recent report by WILL highlights how social capital, the network and relationships people have, has been declining for decades and made worse by the pandemic.

Cutting Off Your Foot to Spite the Children

Despite the narrow approval of a massive $252 million referendum just last month, Milwaukee Public Schools recently announced that substantial cuts to their budget will be required. But while MPS continues to demonstrate a lack of financial management with taxpayer dollars, other decisions the board is considering that are designed to placate teachers unions are actually harming their bottom line.  

WILL Files Second Federal Discrimination Complaint Against Prominent University During Nationwide Pro-Hamas Protests

WILL has filed a federal Title VI complaint against Rutgers University (“the University”) on behalf of the Young America’s Foundation (“YAF”), which has an active chapter on the University’s campus. The complaint challenges the University’s illegal promise to prioritize the “needs” of “Arab, Muslim, and Palestinian” students over those of Israeli and Jewish students.