WILL’s “School Scorecard Dashboard” Provides Wisconsin In-depth Statistics and Greater Transparency

The News: The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) released its 2024 School Data Dashboard, which equips parents and taxpayers with data to see how school districts across the state are performing.
The results are in, rising absenteeism in rural communities and urban academic decline—WILL provides it all at an easy to access Dashboard.
The Quote: WILL Research Director, Will Flanders, PhD, stated, “WILL’s School Scorecard Dashboard provides parents, taxpayers, and school board members a snapshot of how individual school districts stack up. It’s critical that Wisconsinites have access to a comprehensive, interactive, free interface and WILL’s School Scorecard Dashboard continues to provide that resource.” 
Background: WILL developed the School Scorecard Dashboard as a one-stop-shop for all to view Wisconsin school districts’ trends in enrollment, proficiency, district funding, administrative staffing levels, and the like. The user-friendly resource uses information imported from the Department of Public Instruction. 
Some key findings from this year
  • Chronic absenteeism is prevalent in rural school districts.  Of the top 20 worst schools for absenteeism, 13 are in rural, small-town communities. 
  • Academic ratings in urban centers like Milwaukee and Beloit continue to rank at the bottom. 
  • Whitefish Bay has the top ACT scores in the entire state.

Check it out by clicking on the image below, or go to KnowMySchoolWI.com. Be sure to tell us what you think!


Will Flanders, PHD

Will Flanders, PHD

Research Director

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