WILL Reacts to Open Enrollment Data

The News: The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) has released a statement after the state of Wisconsin released open enrollment data record enrollment in the state’s open enrollment program.
Open enrollment allows more than 72,000 students to attend a school that works better for them in another public school district. The program has grown by 18% since the 2018 school year. The losses and gains are reflective of school performance. Milwaukee (reading proficiency 15.7%) was among the biggest losers. The biggest gaining districts—like McFarland—tend to be located near districts with poor performance.
Districts that Gain & Lose the Most Via Open Enrollment
The Quote: WILL Research Director, Will Flanders, stated, “New open enrollment data for Wisconsin shows that Wisconsin’s largest school choice program continues to flourish. More students than ever are taking advantage of the opportunity to attend school in a district that works better for them. The open enrollment program still has room to improve by allowing more money to follow the kid and making the reasons for denials more explicit.”
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Will Flanders, PHD

Will Flanders, PHD

Research Director

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