Healthcare Myth Busters: Fact-checking the Legislature

BREAKING: “Free” money isn’t free

The News: WILL is issuing a Healthcare Myth Busters report as the Wisconsin state budget hits the final stretch (hopefully). For months, healthcare policy and Medicaid expansion have taken center stage in Wisconsin. The result has been a debate characterized by hyperbole, myths, false statements, and half-truths.

Fortunately WILL is here to clean up the mess.

Top Five Flubs: WILL’s Healthcare Myth Busters sets the record straight on the following statements and talking points:

  • “What does Medicaid Expansion mean to you? It means lowering the cost of healthcare for everyone.” — Governor Evers


  • “The Health Affairs study shows that Medicaid Expansion isn’t just the right thing to do morally, it’s the right financial decision for Wisconsin.”— Rep. Evan Goyke


  • “Yesterday, Republicans had the opportunity to approve @GovEvers DHS Budget proposal to increase quality and affordable health care for children, families, and seniors by accepting federal dollars to expand Medicaid and they REJECTED it.”— Senator Jennifer Shilling


  • “Our health care system is broken, and I favor a single payer system to take the profit out of health care while providing healthcare to EVERYONE, including dental and mental health care. In our current system, at the very least there should be a public option available in the ACA Health care exchanges.”— Rep. Chris Taylor


  • “Our health care system. Well I think the one thing that really came out during the hearing that is not surprising is, if you are interested in protecting pre-existing conditions, if that is a priority for your constituents and for you, the only way to do that is to preserve Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act.” — Rep. Gordon Hintz


Get the truth about these statements and more in WILL’s new Healthcare Myth Busters policy brief.

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