Wisconsin Supreme Court Accepts WILL Case on Governor’s Vetoes

WILL argues Evers improperly used veto to create new laws

The News: The Wisconsin Supreme Court granted WILL’s original action asking the Court to review Governor Evers’ use of partial vetoes. WILL filed the original action, on behalf of three Wisconsin taxpayers, on July 31 after Governor Tony Evers improperly and unlawfully used his partial veto powers on various provisions of the Wisconsin State Budget, 2019 Wisconsin Act 9, to, in effect, create new laws never approved by the legislature.

Oral arguments will be scheduled at a future date.

The Quote: WILL President and General Counsel Rick Esenberg said, “Governor Evers used his partial veto to create new laws out of whole cloth. The people of Wisconsin never intended the check on legislative power the Governors’ veto represents to permit the Governor to legislate on his own. We are pleased the Court agreed that Governor Evers’ recent use of the partial veto warrants judicial review.”

The Lawsuit: WILL’s complaint argues that Governor Evers violated the law when he used the partial veto to fundamentally change several policies enacted by the legislature. Under the Wisconsin Constitution, the governor may veto appropriation bills in whole or “in part.” That is, and will remain the case barring a constitutional amendment. WILL is challenging Governor Evers’ specific vetoes that, in effect, created new laws never voted on by the state legislature.

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