WILL Report | Undertold Stories of Act 10

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“It’s hard to believe five years ago this month Governor Scott Walker signed 2011 Act 10, i.e. the Budget Repair Bill, into law. The mere introduction of the bill on February 14, 2011 set off massive protests at the state capitol, led to 14 Democrat State Senators fleeing for Illinois in an attempt to delay the vote on the bill, and
culminated in two separate – and unsuccessful – recall elections of Governor Walker and several Republican state senators.

Coming into office in January 2011, Governor Walker inherited a $3.6 billion state budget deficit.1 To solve this fiscal crisis, Walker reduced state aid to local governments – $792 million to school districts – but, in exchange, he gave local governments’ new tools to curb costs. Known as “Act 10,” the bill placed strict limitations on the ability of public sector unions to collectively bargain with their public sector employers.”

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