WILL Reacts | Rick Esenberg on Election Results

Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty Stands Ready to Fight

At WILL, we don’t do electoral politics. We don’t advocate for or against candidates. We talk policy and not politicians.

But we understand that elections affect the environment in which that conversation takes place. And we know that things changed on Tuesday. In Wisconsin, we now face an executive that will be hostile to the principles of individual freedom, limited government, free markets and civil society to which we have dedicated ourselves.

If we have to fight to defend school choice, worker freedom, free speech and control of the administrative state, so be it. We’re ready.

Nationally, our divisions will grow even deeper as political “progressives” double down on identity politics, flirt with a fantastical view of socialism and launch legal guerrilla warfare.

We will stand against that, advancing the rule of law and principles of constitutional governance. We will stand for what has made America great and will continue to do so, if only we keep the faith.

These are times of challenge, but also of opportunity. When it becomes necessary to articulate and defend our nation’s foundational principles, those principles can become stronger. Together, we are ready to begin.

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Rick Esenberg

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