WILL Press Release | Applauds Creation of Assembly Federalism and Interstate Relations Committee

December 9, 2016 – Milwaukee, WI – On Wednesday Speaker Robin Vos made public his standing committee assignments for the 2017-2018 legislative session.  Included among the five new committees created by the Assembly is the Federalism and Interstate Relations Committee, to be led by Representatives Vorpagel and Schraa.  The release specifically notes the new Federalism Committee “has expanded focus due to the potential of additional powers being given to the states from the unified federal government.”

“The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty’s Center for Competitive Federalism is excited to have the opportunity to work with Representatives Vorpagel and Schraa,” commented WILL Associate Counsel Jake Curtis.  “Among other things, we are hopeful the newly formed Federalism Committee will immediately consider measures to identify coercive federal grants that far too often place burdensome conditions on state agencies and even local units of government.”

“Since introducing the Center for Competitive Federalism in July, we have been working tirelessly to shine the light on the many ways in which the federal government coerces, co-opts, and even commandeers Wisconsin programs and agencies,” added WILL President Rick Esenberg.  “The creation of the new Federalism Committee is simply further proof that Wisconsin legislators are committed to advancing the founding principles that WILL, and many other liberty-loving organizations, fight for every day on behalf of Wisconsin’s residents.”

For additional information regarding the Center for Competitive Federalism, including a full listing of its recent policy reports and model legislation, please visit the CCF website.


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