WILL Asks Supreme Court to Review WEC Lawsuit

Wisconsin deserves clean elections in 2020.

The News: The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) filed a petition for review to the Wisconsin Supreme Court in Zignego v. Wisconsin Elections Commission – a lawsuit against the state elections agency for ignoring state law and failing to clean up the voter rolls. WILL filed the lawsuit in Ozaukee County Circuit Court in November 2019 and the court issued a decision in December. The Court of Appeals overturned and remanded the circuit court decision on February 28.

The Quote: WILL President and General Counsel Rick Esenberg said, “This is a critical matter for our state. Wisconsin voters deserve to have confidence in the integrity of this year’s elections. We hope the Supreme Court agrees to review this case and provide clarity on the actions of the Wisconsin Elections Commission.”

Background: WILL sued the Wisconsin Elections Commission, on behalf of three Wisconsin voters, because the state agency was ignoring state law by leaving old and outdated voter registrations on the voter rolls. At a hearing on December 13, Ozaukee County Circuit Court Judge Paul Malloy ordered the Wisconsin Elections Commission to immediately comply with state law – cleaning up the voter rolls and removing registrations from outdated addresses.

After a petition to bypass to the Supreme Court resulted in a 3-3 tie (Justice Kelly recused), the Court of Appeals issued a stay on Judge Malloy’s decision on January 14, and overturned and remanded the decision on February 28.

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