WILL Applauds State Assembly for Passing Constitutional Amendment on Governor Veto Powers


 The News: The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) released a statement, praising the State Assembly for passing Assembly Joint Resolution 112—a relatively simple, but vitally important, amendment to our state constitution which will strengthen our separation of powers and defend taxpayers. The proposed amendment prohibits any future governor from using their line-item or partial veto powers to raise taxes or fees.  


The Quote: WILL Policy Director, Kyle Koenen, stated, “For too long, Wisconsin Governors from both parties have exercised their veto powers to craft policy that is contrary to what the state legislature intended. AJR 112 will protect taxpayers and restore a more appropriate balance to the separation of powers. We are grateful for the Assembly’s action today.” 


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Kyle Koenen

Kyle Koenen

Director of Policy

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