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Six Reforms to Improve Wisconsin’s Regulatory Climate

A recent WILL study found that the Wisconsin Administrative Code contains more than 161,000 restrictions, making Wisconsin the most regulated state on a per-capita basis in the Great Lakes region. WILL Policy Director, Kyle Koenen, and WILL Deputy Counsel, Lucas Vebber, provide six specific reforms that policymakers can adopt to address Wisconsin’s burdensome regulatory climate.

STUDY: Wisconsin Has More Per Capita Regulations Than Neighboring States

Wisconsin Regulation in Focus, by WILL Bradley Freedom Fellow and University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Professor, Adam Hoffer, PhD, and James Broughel, PhD, Senior Research Fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, provides an in-depth review of Wisconsin’s regulatory process, the volume of rules in the Wisconsin Administrative Code, the costs and burdens of regulation, and recommendations for reform.

Governor Evers’ Budget: What You Need to Know

Read WILL's analysis before the legislature votes With the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee scheduled to start voting on Governor Evers’ proposed budget on Thursday, the debate is about to come to a head. To be fully prepared with research you can trust, WILL has authored a number of ...