Governor Evers’ Budget: What You Need to Know

Read WILL’s analysis before the legislature votes

With the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee scheduled to start voting on Governor Evers’ proposed budget on Thursday, the debate is about to come to a head. To be fully prepared with research you can trust, WILL has authored a number of timely, comprehensive studies and articles on various portions of the budget.

Take a look at the work WILL’s legal and policy experts have done on the Evers budget proposal and what it would mean for the State of Wisconsin.

Medicaid Expansion

Regulatory Reform

K-12 Education — Overall

K-12 Education — Spending

K-12 Education — School Choice

The Budget — Overall

For more information on Governor Evers’ budget, please see our friends at the MacIver Institute (who have done terrific fiscal analysis on the budget) and the Badger Institute (who recently published The High Cost of Increasing the Minimum Wage in Wisconsin).

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