RightWisconsin | Five Takeaways from the DeVos Hearings

Education Reformer is “Controversial”

WILL VP and Deputy Counsel CJ Szafir and WILL Research Fellow Collin Roth writing at RightWisconsin:

Democrats Like Tammy Baldwin Played Small Ball

If you tuned in and expected a robust debate on the role of the federal government in education, you would have been sorely disappointed. A number of Democrats instead chose to focus on DeVos’ family wealth and the private donations of her and her family.

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), insistent on getting a sound bite for the evening news, jumped on DeVos when she asked for clarification on a question about growth and proficiency. This, apparently, served to show how unfit she is for service. Franken, of course, never gave her a chance to answer the question – which tells you how interested he was in the actual answer.

One would have expected Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin (D), who represents a state with a vibrant charter and voucher program, might have an opinion about school choice. Yet Senator Baldwin was silent on the issue, focusing her time on donations that the DeVos family made to certain Christian organizations.

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