Priorities USA v. WEC

Case Name: Priorities USA v. WEC

Type of Case: Election Integrity

Court: Dane County Circuit Court, Supreme Court of Wisconsin 

Filed On: September 11, 2023

Current Status: Our motion to intervene was not granted. We filed a non-party brief in May of 2024 ahead of SCOWIS arguments. 

WILL Files Motion to Protect WI Elections

September 11, 2023 | WILL has filed a motion to intervene in a lawsuit seeking to overturn Wisconsin Election Law, on behalf of two Wisconsin voters and the Association of Mature American Citizens, Inc. (AMAC), a membership association with nearly 50,000 Wisconsin members.

What’s At Stake: Priorities USA, a Left-leaning Super PAC, is bringing constitutional challenges to various absentee-ballot requirements, seeking to use the court system to eliminate them. The case challenges the requirement for absentee ballots to be witnessed by a third party, the deadline to cure mistakes on absentee ballots, the requirement that absentee ballots be returned in-person to the clerk or via the mail (which the Wisconsin Supreme Court held, in a case brought by WILL, does not allow for drop boxes), and the statutory distinction Wis. Stat. § 6.84 draws between the right to vote at the polling place and the privilege of voting by absentee ballot (Complaint ¶¶ 27-60).

These laws protect the integrity of Wisconsin’s elections, promoting trust in the democratic process and confidence in election results. Any attempt to rewrite these laws would not only circumvent the lawmaking process in Wisconsin, but would open our state up to election fraud.

Experts in Defending Wisconsin Elections: WILL and its clients have a clear interest in defending the constitutionality of the challenged statutes. WILL has been on the forefront of critical litigation efforts to protect the vote in Wisconsin as well as creating research and analysis of the 2020 Election.


On July 8, 2022, Wisconsin Supreme Court held that absentee ballot drop boxes, used widely in the 2020 election, have no statutory authorization and Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) guidance encouraging their use was unlawful.

2020 Election Report:

In 2021, WILL released “A Review of the 2020 Election.” Our findings, which were praised by the Wall Street Journal as “The Best Summary of the 2020 Election,” criticized many election processes, including the widespread adoption of drop boxes and the abandonment of proper legal procedures.



Election integrity must be defended, will you take a stand with us?

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