By empowering and engaging parents and communities around the country, we can create meaningful and impactful change in education. WILL has created a one-stop-shop of both original resources and highlights from partners around the country that seek to assist parents and inform them of their rights.

Parent Resources

TrevorSpace Letter Template

This letter, created by WILL, is a tool for parents. Parents can submit their concerns through this letter to school districts about an online forum called “TrevorSpace.”

While the website is designed to be “an affirming international community for LGBTQ young people ages 13–24,” TrevorSpace is a chat room-style forum that allows adults and children to connect to discuss intimate topics including sexuality, gender transitioning, and how to keep information secret from parents.


Wisconsin law provides parents with the statutory right to opt out of instruction relating to human growth and development. This form, created by WILL, is a model for Wisconsin parents to submit to their schools to help them navigate the opt out process for their child.

Wisconsin School Scorecard

WILL developed and released a new School Data Dashboard. This comprehensive, interactive tool provides a snapshot of student proficiency, district funding, and district-related information for every school district in the state. All of the key data comes from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction – we just made it user-friendly.

Parental Rights Notification Request - Race Instruction

Much of public school curricula is focused on discussing issues and topics through race-based lens. WILL fights against these policies by advocating that the law and public policy should be colorblind, by not treating individuals differently based on their race. Many families feel similarly. WILL created this parental request form for parents who want to be notified when these topics are discussed in their child’s classroom. This model opt out form is designed for all parents, regardless of their location.


American Federation for Children

Learn about school choice options by legislative district


Ballotpedia Candidate Surveys

Use this form to submit information, for Ballotpedia’s readers to learn more about your candidacy


Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR)

Learn more about FAIR chapters, toolkit on preventing CRT in your school and other resources

Goldwater Institute

Citizen’s Guide to Open  Records Requests


Learn more about academic transparency


Heritage Foundation’s Education Freedom Report Card 

Learn about the overall ranking of school choice, transparency, regulatory freedom, and spending in each state

Moms for Liberty

Learn more about Moms for Liberty chapters and events


No Left in Education

Learn more about No Left Turn in Education chapters, indoctrination examples by state and additional resources


Parents Defending Education

Indoctrination Map


Resources to empower, expose and engage with local school districts


Southeastern Legal

A parent’s guide to saving America’s public schools

Wisconsin Education Options

Early College Credit Program permits high school students to submit reimbursement for classes taken at an institution of higher education for high school or college credit.


Home-based Private Education provides Wisconsin parents with the option of customizing their child’s education outside of the traditional school environment.


Public Charter Schools are public K-12 schools serving students across the state that have more autonomy and innovation than traditional public schools. This includes virtual schools.


Parental Choice Programs are state-funded vouchers for eligible students to attend a private school of their choice.


Part-time Public School Open Enrollment is a program that permits Wisconsin public school students to take up to 2 courses at another school district that is not their assigned, residential school district.


Public School Open Enrollment is an educational option that permits Wisconsin residents to attend a traditional public school district that is not their assigned, residential school district.

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