Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel | Esenberg: Vos amendment to choice funding formula does not punish public schools

WILL President and General Counsel, Rick Esenberg, writing in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

“A current legislative proposal, introduced by Speaker Robin Vos, to change the funding mechanism for the statewide school voucher program have been widely mischaracterized. For example, a recent article in the Journal Sentinel suggests the “districts with voucher students face a funding cut” and that proposed funding mechanism for the statewide (not Milwaukee) voucher program could “cost” districts with voucher students (other than Milwaukee) $ 22 million dollars next year. An article yesterday said that, under existing law, districts are allowed to simply “recoup” the funds they lose due to participation of students in the choice program.

It’s true that current law permits districts to recoup reductions in state aid to pay for vouchers for children a district no longer educates, but it isn’t the whole story. And, under the Vos amendment, districts would still be able to recoup aid reduction.”

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