La Crosse Tribune | Hudson: Voucher schools deserve support

WILL’s Lead Education Analyst, Lexi Hudson, writing in the La Crosse Tribune, explores how transformative it would be for K-12 education if entrepreneurs approached education systems the way Airbnb, Uber, and Apple were transformative.

“In light of these examples of the positive impacts of competition through entrepreneurship in education, it should be the goal of every community to attract the best performing and highest quality educational entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, they do just the opposite. Too many cities, including Milwaukee, lack the political will to make education a more appealing investment for entrepreneurs.

Besides supporting politicians, school board members and administrators who see the value of fostering entrepreneurship in education, the most important efforts parents can make to foster competition are to use choice programs that exist—such as the Milwaukee or Racine Choice program at a city level. Parents should demand eligibility increases for Wisconsin’s statewide choice program, which is arbitrarily limited to only 1 percent of students in the Badger State.”

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