Jarchow v. State Bar of Wisconsin

Case Name: Adam Jarchow v. State Bar of Wisconsin

Type of Case: Free Speech; Free Association

Court: Eastern District of Wisconsin

Case Number: 19-cv-266

Filed On: April 8, 2019

Current Status: Motion to dismiss pending

The State Bar of Wisconsin is a professional organization created by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and every lawyer who wants to practice in the state must not only pay dues to the Bar, but must actually be a member of the organization.  Yet the Bar is an advocacy organization that not only lobbies but takes many public positions on political, governmental, and societal topics.  Members are forced to support all those positions regardless of whether they agree with them.

On behalf of two attorneys – Michael Dean and former State Assemblyman Adam Jarchow – we sued the state bar in federal court.  We believe that after the U.S. Supreme Court’s Janus decision striking down mandatory fees for public unions, mandatory state bars are no longer justifiable.  The state bar filed a motion to dismiss, which is currently pending.