From the Desk of Rick Esenberg: A message on Tuesday night’s election results

Elections ebb and flow, but there are no permanent victories or defeats in politics. No matter who wins or loses, the Constitution must remain our lodestar. 
We, at WILL, continue to stand for constitutionally-limited government and respect for our Constitution’s separation of power. 
We will defend the rule of law and the equality of each individual before it.
We will fight for individual liberty and the freedom of civil society.
Politics will wax and wane, but WILL’s mission and guiding principles remain paramount to preserving liberty in Wisconsin and across the country. 
I am asking every WILL donor and supporter to consider what is at stake now that the progressive left controls not only the executive offices in Wisconsin and D.C., the Attorney General’s Office in Wisconsin and D.C., but now, also the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. 
The left has already begun bragging of how they will “undo” Act 10, the congressional district maps, and every other hard-fought win that we achieved in the first place. They will start in Wisconsin and go on from here. We cannot let them succeed. 
WILL is the only organization strategically poised to take them head-on again, using both our litigation and policy forces. 
We need everyone on our side to get into the ring! Let’s defeat their agenda, together.
In liberty!
Rick Esenberg

Rick Esenberg

President and General Counsel

The work we do would not be possible without the generosity of our donors; we are a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization that receives no public funds. As a non-profit and non-partisan organization, we litigate in the areas of equality under the law, property rights, the freedom to earn a living, voting rights, regulation, taxation, school choice, and religious freedom. As an educational organization, we strive to advance the debate concerning law and public policy in these and other areas.
Please consider making a donation to defend freedom.
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