Myth Busters III: Fact-checking the Legislature on School Choice

Assault on school choice leads to inaccurate statements

In the News: With the Assembly scheduled to vote on the state budget tomorrow, it is the ideal time to release WILL’s annual report fact-checking state lawmakers on school choice. Myth Busters III comes during a legislative session that has seen an all-out assault on school choice from Governor Evers and his allies.

Dr. Will Flanders, PhD, and Libby Sobic respond to statements made on school choice funding, academic performance, special education, and accountability, among others.

Top Five Flubs: WILL explains the why the following statements made in the past year are misleading at best and completely inaccurate at worst:

  • “Nearly $200 Million in Public School Aid is Lost to Charters and Vouchers.” – Rep. Sondy Pope


  • “The data we’ve had for 20-some years pretty much shows that there’s not an appreciable — or any — difference in academic achievement of kids that get a voucher and those that go to regular public schools.” – Governor Tony Evers


  • “This is how the unaccountable voucher system has grown year-after-year: through provisions slipped into the budget at the urging of special interest lobbyists at the same time funds get pulled away from rural and urban public school kids.” –Senator Chris Larson


  • “A lot of choice schools don’t provide (evaluations for IEPs) themselves. They tell the parents to get it done at the public schools and then transfer to the choice schools with the evaluation because it’s paid for by the public schools.”—Senator LaTonya Johnson


  • “In the north, the advent of school vouchers all but decimated public schools, and in the meantime, students—primarily those that are black, brown, and/or poor—are left holding the bag and begging for resources.”-Rep. LaKeshia Myers


Learn more in WILL’s new Myth Busters III policy brief.

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