Equality Under the Law Toolbox

Americans are increasingly confronting critical race theory and related concepts at work, school, and in interactions with the government. Proponents of this new worldview often mask their efforts within a fog of vague and seemingly innocuous words like “privilege,” “anti-racism,” and “equity.” The first steps to combat this trend include learning more, seeking transparency, and ultimately engaging with the theories in real life. Below are helpful resources to get you started in defending your right to Equality Under The Law.


Parental Rights Notification Request

August 2021

With Critical Race Theory making its way into classrooms, parents need to get proactive. WILL has developed a notification request form that parents can fill out and give to a teacher to make clear that they expect prior notification before any divisive concepts are taught to their child. This will ensure that teachers and school administrators know that parents expect to be notified before a lesson that involves Critical Race Theory.

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Feds in the Classroom

Equality Under The Law Information Guide

August 2021

What is Critical Race Theory? What should you look for when reviewing school curriculum? What are my rights as a parent or employee? WILL’s Equality Under the Law information guide briefly covers the answers to these questions and highlights how WILL is defending equality under the law.

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