Americans are increasingly confronting critical race theory and related concepts at work, school, and in interactions with the government. Proponents of this new worldview often mask their efforts within a fog of vague and seemingly innocuous words like “privilege,” “anti-racism,” and “equity.” The first steps to combat this trend include learning more, seeking transparency, and ultimately engaging with the theories in real life. Below are helpful resources to get you started in defending your right to Equality Under The Law.


Testimony in Support of SB 596

January 2024

WILL strongly supports programs that benefit students based on their individual needs, not on racial stereotypes. This bill, testified by Dan Lennington, takes an important first step in making our laws colorblind, as required by federal law and the Constitution. 

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Testimony in Support of AJR 109

January 2024

WILL strongly supports this proposed amendment, AJR 109, to make explicit what we already know: all Americans deserve to be treated equally by their government. Dan Lennington testified in favor of this legislation, as the constitutional amendment would ban government-sponsored affirmative action, racial quotas and preferences, and so-called Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policies that use racial discrimination.

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Testimony in Support of AB 554

October 2023

Wisconsin law fails to live up the to principle of equality for all. WILL is on the frontlines to changing that. Dan Lennington testified in favor of Assembly Bill 554: a long, overdue reform to make some of our laws colorblind.

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Equality For All: A Survey of Racially Discriminatory Laws and Policies in Wisconsin

July 2023

Policy Brief by Dan Lennington

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What To Know About Equity And Education

March 2022

The word “equity” is certainly the new buzzword in public schools. But what does it mean and what are the implications of equity in curriculum. WILL has collected stories and anecdotes of how equity is being adopted in Wisconsin K-12 education.

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Parents: Know Your Rights In Public School

November 2021

This link will direct you to a selected list of rights related to public education. This list may be updated and expanded, so please check back.

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Parental Rights Notification Request

August 2021

With Critical Race Theory making its way into classrooms, parents need to get proactive. WILL has developed a notification request form that parents can fill out and give to a teacher to make clear that they expect prior notification before any divisive concepts are taught to their child. This will ensure that teachers and school administrators know that parents expect to be notified before a lesson that involves Critical Race Theory.

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Feds in the Classroom

Equality Under The Law Information Guide

August 2021

What is Critical Race Theory? What should you look for when reviewing school curriculum? What are my rights as a parent or employee? WILL’s Equality Under the Law information guide briefly covers the answers to these questions and highlights how WILL is defending equality under the law.

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