Briefing Completed in MacIver v. Erpenbach

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With the filing of final reply briefs this Monday, briefing has been completed in MacIver v. Erpenbach, a Grant County case filed by WILL back in February, 2012.  The extensive briefing (six briefs in all – 3 from each side) covers a variety of legal issues related to whether a State Senator can ignore Wisconsin’s Open Records Law and keep communication from other government workers about Act 10 confidential.  Senator Erpenbach released the content of such emails, but redacted the email addresses of the senders, giving the cover of confidentiality to government employees who may have violated the law or internet use policies by using public resources to influence a legislator.

Judge VanDeHey will hold a hearing on January 30 where attorneys from WILL and attorneys representing Senator Erpenbach will argue the case.  The briefs can be read here.

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