WILL Press Release | WILL Applauds President Trump For Supreme Court Selection

Kavanaugh is a highly qualified nominee with a record of being a committed textualist


July 10, 2018 – Milwaukee, WI – Last night President Donald Trump nominated D.C. Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the United States Supreme Court.  WILL President and General Counsel Rick Esenberg on the selection:

“Judge Kavanaugh is an exceptionally qualified nominee for the US Supreme Court.

There have been some conservatives who have raised questions about certain Kavanaugh opinions. They need not be concerned. It is important to keep in mind that judicial decisions must be assessed by legal – and not political – standards. Judge Kavanaugh​’s work reflects an appropriate sensitivity to the unique and limited role that judges play in our system of government. He has authored nearly 300 opinions with a proven track record of demonstrating a fidelity to the text of the U.S. Constitution and applying the law to the facts of the case, rather than invoking his political preferences.  He’s written decisions defending religious freedom and the second amendment.  He’s also ​shown a proper regard for the separation of powers and raised questions regarding judicial deference to the growth of the administrative state.

Confirmation processes present an opportunity to educate the public on o​ur Constitution and the role of the judiciary. I hope that Senators will focus on the law and not politics and will strive to be accurate and not hyperbolic. In particular, they should avoid the shameful misrepresentations that have too often marked the confirmation process since the egregious mischaracterization and slander of the late Judge Robert Bork. I urge Senators Baldwin and Johnson to give this nominee careful consideration that is informed and measured. He richly deserves it.”



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